Tembo Savings & Credit

Co-operative Society Ltd

With You All The Way.......Milele

  • About Us

    Tembo Sacco is a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, serving EABL employees and others within our market. Our Mission is to create wealth for our members and we envision being their preferred financial service provider


    To be the preferred financial services provider to our members


    We create wealth for members by mobilization of savings and provision of competitive loans, while assuring high returns through innovative financial solutions.

  • Services

    Tembo has a range of products and services which are available for members. Savings and credit products are offered.


    1. Sacco Shares (Minimum 1,000 shares for Ksh 20 per share)
    2. Sacco Deposits
    3. BOSA loans at competitive rates. Click here for more information


    1. Fosa Savings Account
    2. Hekima Savings Account
    3. Fixed Deposit Account
    4. Short term loans. click here for more information
  • News Updates

    Emergency loan has been reviewed to Kshs. 200,000/= per calendar year

    Excise duty is now being charged on all FOSA transactions at a rate of 10%

    Jumbo Loan is now at 4 times ones Sacco savings